Information about PPO, a complete guide

PPO stands for Personal Protection Order. Singapore women charter is an act designed to make Singapore a safe place for women. PPO comes under this ACT. It an order issued by the court to grant protection for women against her family member who is harassing her. Securing PPO is quite a tedious process. One must need an assistance of a lawyer.

How to apply for PPO?

  • You can apply personal protection order Singapore if family violence is committed/expected to be committed by a family member. The family member here refers to the spouse, ex-spouse, a father or mother, a child, a brother or sister, in-laws. In simple terms, it is a protection of a family member from an abusive family member.
  • You can apply for PPO using the online platform supported by the judicial system of Singapore.
  • You should attach the proof documents while applying. Proof here can any medical report that shows you are a victim of violent act or police documents if any.
  • You need to log in using your SingPass Id. Make a draft application by filling in the required information.
  • Although it is not mandatory to apply online, you can save time by doing so. There are family violence specialist centers that help you with this application process. You can reach out to them for completing your application.
  • Your completed application will be reviewed by the judge and he may order to summon the abuser. Court charges apply here for the summon.

What PPO does?

  • The order stops the abuser from committing violence against the petitioner. It also refrains the abuser from assisting anyone else to commit violence against the petitioner.
  • The court officer will inform the other family member involved, about your application. IF the family member agrees to an act of violence, the judge will issue PPO.
  • If the person does not agree with the allegation, then the judge will arrange for a court family specialist to speak to both of them to fix the issue. If the issue is resolved, then the judge will issue the PPO.
  • If unresolved, the application will proceed to the court hearing. You may need to hire a lawyer to run the case and produce your proofs and get the PPO.
  • There is no specific time limit for the PPO issued. The court will finalize it based on the facts of each case.
  • It takes a maximum of 3-5 months to obtain a PPO.
  • If you are not happy with the court order, you can proceed to the family court with in 14 days from the order issued.

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Resisting against PPO

If the alleged family member resists the PPO, you should immediately reach out to the police.

There are fines for resisting the PPO or in some cases, the alleged person may end up with jail term.

Revoking PPO

IF everything goes well between you and the other family member you can revoke or suspend your application. The process is the same as you did for applying for PPO. You may need to attach the court order with your revoking application.


Hope this helps you to apply for personal protection Singapore. You may not necessarily need a lawyer to apply for PPO. But, they are the specialists, they ensure your applications are correct and you can successfully obtain your PPO with their help.

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Must-have Skills Set That A Lawyer Should Have – READ HERE

            Relying upon your legal concerns to someone is a big deal that you should closely consider the attributes that a lawyer you will hire have. There’s a vital skill set that every legal lawyer should have – most of them have it, while others do not. This is why it is necessary to dig deep into their personality and professional background or portfolio. While others don’t have an option of choosing who to hire, and need to seek legal advice free of charge, they can take the chance of seeking help from a pro bono lawyer who is reliable and skilled in the field. Either way, below is the must-have skill set that a lawyer should have.

Good communication skills

Attorneys should have good interpersonal communication abilities and written communication skills to convey crucial legal knowledge correctly. A large part of an attorney’s practice is also developing clear and compelling cases made in the trial rooms. Judges and jury members all have their views, values, and experiences, such that the skill of a lawyer must be capable of reaching out to all of them and persuade them effectively. A competent lawyer must also have excellent listening skills. Per client has his or her version of their scenario. Attorneys must pay attention to the specifics and consider what their constituents seek and how to respond.

Skills in dealing with people

Attorneys are in direct interaction with people, which is why people’s talents are needed. The fundamental rule of justice has a connection with individuals. If there is a lack of competence in a lawyer, it can contribute to some terrible cases with people finding redress for their alleged mistreatment. No matter how successful a lawyer can be at implementing claims and succeeding lawsuits, keeping a good partnership provides a greater degree of professionalism.

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Time-management competencies

Attorneys have a hectic schedule and a heavy workload. They might face challenging requirements in the short term. Possessing the right time coordination and management skills helps a lawyer to work more efficiently and successfully. Time scheduling is at the forefront of a lawyer’s job discipline. Attorneys who give attention to their job and keep abreast of their work will contribute to more time for extracurriculars or more lawsuit cases.

Compelling capabilities in analysis and research.

Attorneys spend plenty of time searching through the files and brushing up on old proceedings. Research abilities include the capacity to read and comprehend vast volumes of material in a brief period, grasp statistics, numbers, diagrams, and interpret matters in a manner that can be used later on are the main characteristics of a lawyer. The skills of a lawyer can  improve early in their career. To do that, lawyers should make it a practice of summing up a few relevant points from massive papers and posts. This is particularly helpful as caseloads escalate, need additional background information, draw up legal documentation, and advise clients.


Validity and specificity are required to become a good lawyer. Attorneys must guarantee that all their correspondence, such as e-mails, letters, websites of lawyers, and law records, are often suitable for delivering them to a customer. Small errors may result in poor client feedback and a wrong impression for the lawyer.

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An Effective Online Law Firm Based in Singapore

            Regardless of whether family law, labor law, or malicious prosecution. Some people require sophisticated legal assistance, and specialist lawyers can make things easier. As well as recommend, and promote them with their knowledge and experience. Lawyers in court trials serve as lawyers. This is to ensure that everyone has access to competent legal counsel. The prosecutor is also a significant link in criminal trials.

            Since the public does not usually have access to a council. Also, is the first legal representative to be named in criminal prosecutions. There are a plethora of factors why you should need a lawyer. Especially lately, people have decided to fight for their rights and speak up for the truth. Now, due to the advancement of technology. You can already research them online. Like when you are needing a good divorce lawyer singapore or other things.

            You ought to be saved in a well that you’re trapped in. Lawyers are there to support you. Through them, justice may be assured once and for all. The council is the one who defends an individual or association. In a variety of civil cases as in any case that the statute is being dealt with it protects the criminal.

Introducing Tembusu Law

            The purpose of the Tembusu Law is to treat their workers as beloved human beings. They enhance and improve this by providing feedback, listening, and attempting to reflect. As well as recognizing and understanding the best. For most common wishes of their workers. It’s to build exciting, deeply connected workers. Like a team that needs to grow, study, and develop. That’s why they have been popular as a whole.

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            They’re not really worried about the benefit they might receive. They even ensure the safety of the well-being of their employees and managers. Of course, as this is applied to their employees, how much more is provided to their customers. This is also the factor why they are amongst the strongest law firms in Singapore.

Their working principles

            As a strong and effective law firm. They also need to keep up with their values to uphold these things. The company also has a reputation for caring for its staff. For the most part, these are the reasons why this law firm in Singapore stands firm and strong. They have the following values that each of their staff and employees embody:

  • Empathy
  • Integrity
  • Humility
  • Courage
  • Tenacity
  • Ownership
  • Teamwork
  • Purpose

            With all that, they can provide you a service that not a lot of law firms can give. They are renowned to be one of the most effective law firms there is. Alongside their team, they will support you in any way possible. That is why it is also safe to say that you will be promised justice. It expresses and portrays their values, their aspirations, and their goals. It describes how and why they make a significant difference. It gives people a feeling of purpose, it drives their choices and it inspires them to use it.

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