What is a Hot Stone Massage?

What is a Hot Stone Massage?

Want to know more about ahot stone massage? This article that we will talk about in this article without great fear of being denied as the King of relaxing massages ; the warmth of the stones is combined with a very sweet and enveloping hand which, releasing it gradually, ensures that the pleasant thermal effect remains over time. A spa in Fort Myers offers this massage brilliantly.

Let’s start from the beginning to better discover this manual skill and above all let’s focus on the bases on which it is based.

The hot stone first of all consists of three distinct parts, the first of placing the stones in position, the second of classic manual massage and the third of massage with the use of stones.

Hot Stone: Phase 1

In the first phase in which we are going to place the stones it will be essential to know the precise points in which to place them; these points are called “chakra” which translated means “spinning wheel” and which we find on the central axis of our body, the spine, seven in number. Seven is the number of the main chakras even if in our body we have scattered them everywhere so as to reach the number of 144! Basically taking a cue from Ayurvedic medicinethese points of our body are like gates of entry and exchange of the energy deriving from the universe that “dialogues” with our system in a continuous search for balance. It sometimes happens that these points are a little blocked or discharged and in need of new energy and it is with this massage that we go to help this situation because the lava stone positioned on the chakra will allow the chakra itself to absorb energy in the form of heat. and in some sense recharge.

On the chakras I think it is important to explain that they have a connection and a connection with many things in our life; each of these points is associated with a gland, one or two colors, one or two zodiac signs, a phase of life, one or two planets and, as if that were not enough, one or more divinities. Only for this series of reasons can we understand how relaxing but above all effective it can be on our soul to be able to receive a full of energy and vigor at a time when we feel fatigued.