These are the common problems that you might encounter in MacBook Pro laptop

These are the common problems that you might encounter in MacBook Pro laptop

When you’re thinking about buying the highest trustable brand of laptop is ideal. And they don’t have any issues then you are wrong. Even if you bring the latest model with the latest technology.  You will still encounter problems. Which is pretty normal. When you have a small issue you can fix it with simple troubleshooting. You will learn what are the common problems when you’re using a MacBook Pro laptop. But when you cannot solve it. You can bring it to a macbook pro repair for professionals to fix it.

It shuts down directly

When your laptop is shutting down unexpectedly when you still have battery power. Better check your battery when you are plugging it. Once it is plugged check the battery icon on the top right corner of the screen. You will see whether it changed to a lightning bolt. When it does it is charging. It could be an issue with the power connector of the laptop. If you think that the battery looks good then try to reboot your laptop. It will run the system clean up which can help to solve the problem.

After you tried everything and nothing worked. Try resetting the System management controller and PRAM. These components manage specific low functions on the laptop. And when they are corrupted it can show different issues.

After the startup, it shows a blank screen

Your MacBook had a problem after the startup and you’re looking at a blank screen. It only means that there is an app or the system function that got stuck during the startup. You can fix it by holding the power button to shut down and try to open it again. When it doesn’t fix, better try your laptop in a safe mode. The safe mode is loading those parts of macOS which is important to start up the system. Your apps will not be loaded while you are starting it. After the laptop is opened through a safe mode and there are certain apps that are not working. You will know it after you add up the items one at a time till you will find which is causing your laptop to freeze. When there is still a problem you need to bring it to a repair service to fix the issue.

The external device is defective

An external device such as a microphone, hard drive, webcam, or printer is not functioning. There might be a few reasons. Check the connections to secure that it is not a loose cable. It happens that you have another computer try it first whether it is working fine or not. If it is not working then your device is defective and not your laptop. That way you will know which one is functioning to avoid any mistakes. But when the device is working you can connect to other ports and see whether it works. Sometimes the ports in the laptop are not working. You can try all the ports before troubleshooting.

Your laptop is running slow

There might be a few reasons why your laptop is running slow. But before you do anything try to restart your laptop. After this process, it cleans out your RAM and the system. It is sometimes happening because you haven’t restarted your laptop for quite a long time.

When the restart did not help you. Better check what apps are loading once you log in. When you see that there are tons of apps once the system is logging in it will slow down your laptop. Better check your SSD storage and see how much free space you have. When it is almost full you can delete or save it in your cloud or external drive.