Telugu Movies We Can Watch Free Anytime Anywhere

Telugu Movies We Can Watch Free Anytime Anywhere

Cast and Crew: Thikka is a Telugu language action comedy film written by Lakshmi Bhupal and directed by Sunil Kumar Reddy. The main hero of the film is Sai DharamTej who is famous for his sense of comedy and action packed fights in his films. Comedy, romance and action in the film will entertain you in whole. A commercial movie you can enjoy with your family and friends and best suitable for a positive and happy weekends movie list. There are many more free online movies.

Actor: Sai DharamTej

Actress: Larissa Bonesi

Other actors: Mannara Chopra,

Director: Suneel Kumar Reddy

Art Director: Kiran Kumar Manne

Based: Sri Venkateswara Movie Makers

Producer: Dr. Rohin Reddy

Music: S Thaman

Cinematography: K.V. Guhan

Editing: Karthika Srinivas

Written By: Lakshmi Bhupal

Dialogues: HarshaVardhan

Other information:

Runtime: 135 mins

Release date: 13 August 2016

Genre: Drama, Thriller

Budget: Rs 23 crores

Story Line:

Aditya, a guy who lives his life happily without any problems and enjoys his day and nights with boozing and parties which has become his routine for some time. Then in an accident, he meets anjali where he falls for her right at the moment. And after a lot of roaming behind her, he makes her fall for him too and both of them get into a relationship. But anjali is not really happy with the lifestyle aditya maintains, so she slowly forces him to stop all the bad habits and also divides him from his father. Aditya father is a womanizer and drinker, so she joins him into a rehabilitation center for a betterment. She does everything for their goodness but as fights and quarrels arise, life becomes miserable. She makes him join in a corporate company and work for money to have a stable life along. That when anjali’s father, a multimillionaire, fixes her marriage with another rich friends son. Simultaneously aditya faces a lot of struggles in his office and as his father’s elopes from rehabilitation center with a don’s daughter, a lot of crazy shit happens along and what aditya does to get the craze in control leads to a lot of wrecking destruction.

Technical Asset:

  • Music is ultimate for this movie! It has given a clear cut emotional reach to the audience.
  • Editing is as always the a glamours part of the movie and this has good editing techniques and viewers will not get any disturbance while watching
  • Script and it’s execution is fantastic. It’s an old movie running with a purpose. The purpose of the movie was made clear to the audience.
  • Characterisation of the artist is something great! They designed every character with so much care that it reflects on the screen.
  • Screenplay is awesome, the crew have done an excellent job by keeping the audience engaged all the time in every scene.

Artists Performance:

  • Sai DharamTej is so energetic throughout the movie, he literally spreads his vibe to people who watch it. His moves, action, comedy timing is on point.
  • Mannara Chopra is beautiful as she is and she was not uncomfortable with her language or any other barriers. She looked pretty in all scenes.
  • Larissa Bonsai is cute and her action is an addition to the movie success. Utilisation of the opportunity is very well done.
  • Sapthagiri comedy is another whole add on! He breaks tummy with his epic comedy.

This film has the most entertaining aspects in terms of comedy and their acting. you can watch Thikka movie online as it is a part of free online movies.